Porto Seguro – Where It All Started In Brazil….

The history and culture of Brazil today started in Porto Seguro, a town located at the beautiful ‘Discovery Coast’. The process of colonisation of Brazil started with the arrival of the Portuguese in the year 1500 in ‘Porto Seguro’, or ‘Safe Port’. Early discoverers admired the unprecedented beauty of the place, as indicated in many old Portuguese documents.

Today, Porto Seguro is considered a live monument of national history and one of the best tourist destinations in the country for Brazilians, whilst still largely undiscovered by foreign tourists. The historic town, built by the Portuguese, is still intact, and covers many beautiful buildings and churches, and has an extraordinary historic and cultural beauty, as well as beautiful beaches that are still in a state as the Portuguese discovered them.

Its beauty also stems from its Bahian culture, which includes a special cuisine, traditional dances (such as capoeira, an exciting fight dance practiced for centuries by the -then- African slaves, a dance form which is still alive today) and music such as Axe and Lambada both of which origin from this region.

Porto Seguro has more then 90 kilometers of paradise beaches with beautiful blue and clear waters. Many of these have small ‘barracas’ (bars) which function day and night, and offer a wide variety of food and drinks. Some also offer live shows with the best bands from Brazil all frequent Porto Seguro and its beaches, always combined with excellent dance and choreography. For tourists wanting to stay away from big bands, some of the barracas offer more quiet music, such as popular Brazilian music (called MPB) and Bossa Nova.

Tourists visiting Porto Seguro also have the luxury of a variety of excursions. Various travel agents offer jungle trips, visits to traditional Indian communities, and ‘Schooner’ sea trips, to name a few. Sea trips include visits to isolated islands and coral reefs, and remote beaches with natural fresh water swimming pools and beautiful natural surroundings. For those who love to dive, Porto Seguro also offers good diving opportunities and diving schools.

At night, apart from the many live music options, many visitors join the ‘Passarela do Alcool’, or ‘alcohol walk’, the central boulevard at the harbour of Porto Seguro, named after the many bars, outdoor restaurants and handicraft shops in this part of town. Here one gets a great atmosphere and fantastic food from the region.Porto Seguro has the benefit of being a small, relaxed and beautiful town, with the advantage of having all tourist amenities available for all types of tourists, whether attracted by natural beauty, quietness, excellent hikes and sightseeing, fantastic beaches, nightlife, culture, regional food, Porto Seguro offers it all.

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